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Open Day 1 August 2021

Yet another remarkable day at the Tower.

Over 200 guests joined us and enjoyed the atmosphere, food, drink and hospitality put on by the Committee Members and Volunteers.

Bomber Burgers, American Hot Dogs ( and Hot Rods! ) Liberator Ale from our friends at Tindall Ales and plenty of music ensured a good time was had by all.

Jeep rides were popular again with petrol tanks running dry due to demand!

It was great to see so many young families join us, many enjoying a picnic on the grass and getting involved in crafting and learning about the men who were here during the war.

We had unexpected visitors from the USA when the Gruening family from Juneau, Arkansas joined us. Win Gruening's Father was a pilot and flew from Seething with the 714 Bomb Squadron of the 448th. His Father had to make an emergency landing in Sweden during 1944 and the crew spent many months there before the war ended.

Thanks to the generosity of our visitors and new Members, the Control Tower finances are in better shape and will help us to maintain the Control Tower for the benefit of future generations. 

We are particularly grateful to everyone who made donations either through our donation boxes or via PayPal.

We have now enjoyed two consecutive Open Days with attendances of 200+ and look forward to our next Open Day of 5th September when once again we will remember everyone of the 448th Bomb Group.